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Refusing to go down the soul-scrapping financial adviser track, I graduated and fell back to my youth experience working with my dad to fix up houses. That later blossomed into apartment management. I was successful doing so, but unfulfilled, and started working on my own projects simultaneously after building a business from scratch for a large student-housing company.

In 2011, I started coaching youth soccer and my life has changed every since, learning to take things I love and make them businesses and side-incomes, giving me the confidence to take on graphic design, art, web design, and consulting as professions.

In May 2015, I quit full-time employment to co-fond and lead a non-profit called Ortus Academy. Our mission is to create education platforms by giving youth an experience more connective than textbooks and worksheets. Our first product, NumisMatters, is an after-school program designed to teach middle school students the principles of Financial Economics. We just received a grant to take this into Baltimore City, and are in development stages looking for futher funding to increase our speed and traction throughout the state. The program, a game that simulates 10 years of life decisions with printed "cash," is powered by top university undergrads at places like UMBC, Loyola, University of Baltimore, Towson, and Hopkins, and let's undergrads find a use for their energy and passion for social justice.

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Richard B. '86

Thank you Aaron

Julia C. '13

Thank you, Aaron, for sharing your story!