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I feel like I grew up at UMBC. I came to the campus in 1988 as an Administrative Assistant with big dreams of getting my degree and becoming an elementary school teacher. I was going to mold the minds of our future generations and lead them on a path of discovery and greatness.

I soon learned UMBC was about more than an education, it was about Family. As I worked full-time and attended school part-time, LIFE happened. Many personal challenges and life events conspired to move me off course. However, the University's commitment to the personal and professional growth of staff allowed me to balance my personal challenges and remain on-track toward attaining my degree and advancing in my career. I developed a passion for human resources where I could assist faculty, staff and student employees navigate through some of the same personal and professional challenges I was faced with. I was blessed with supervisors and colleagues who coached and mentored me toward growth as a mature, caring individual, and a solid upstanding professional. I was embraced into the UMBC Family as Sister, Colleague, Friend, Partner, and Leader. It has continued throughout my career at UMBC.

So yes, I did realize my dream of attaining my education, but I was the one whose mind was molded and led on a path of discovery and greatness. Thank You UMBC, for allowing me to recognize my true calling as an HR Professional. I am proud to be an alumna of such a great institution! Happy 50th Anniversary!

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Clolita V. '75

Hi Rochelle! Great story - great photo! What would UMBC do without you?!?

Julia C. '13

Thanks so much for sharing your story!