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Who knew then how things would turn out for me both personally and professionally since I first set foot on campus in Fall '69! It has been an amazing journey and UMBC has been a large part of it all. I remember living on campus, being an RA in the early days as the dorms were being built. The closeness of the theater/dance community on campus (it was one department at that time) was unbelievable. I grew a lot and learned a lot academically and personally. I did not go on to perform professionally but I went on to work at the UMB campus for a number of years then returned to work at UMBC. Dance and theater always stayed with me and still remains a very important part of my life to this day. Then came Law School while working at UMBC and the opportunity to be an Assistant V.P. for Adminstrative Services and University counsel. I remember the first day Dr. Hrabowski came to campus and was very proud as he later rose to the presidency. He became then and remains to this day a close friend and mentor who always supported and encouraged me. I was able to retire from UMBC in 2007 (yes, retire) and go on to my dream legal position as in-house corporate Senior Counsel at what was then Constellation Energy (which later became Exelon). At Exelon, I had the opportunity to be an Assistant General Counsel. I absolutely loved the work I was doing and the company. It was all built on the experience and knowledge I gained while working at UMBC. Now, I am happily retired and pursuing volunteer activities, mentoring, life, love, and everything that is to come. Throughout it all, I have remained very connected to UMBC because it feels like home.

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Meredith P.

I love your story, Clolita! It's great to hear about how UMBC helped you on your journey!

Richard B. '86

Clolita: Thank you so much for sharing your story -- both here and in the magazine!

Julia C. '13

Thank you for sharing your story, Clolita!