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Who was the most famous performer or group to play a concert at UMBC? —Eric Messner ’01

UMBC has had many amazing musical acts play at various venues on campus, including the now-vanished Gym I, the University Ballroom, the Quad, and the Retriever Activities Center.

But if we had to narrow it down to five performers or groups that have achieved worldwide fame, cultural influence, and super-sized records (in some cases, all three), and played on our campus during their respective heydays, here are our answers to this question:

Otis Redding played UMBC's inaugural "Spring Week" in April 1967 Kanye West and Pharrell Williams with N.E.R.D. performed at Quadmania in 2004 The Velvet Underground performed at UMBC in September 1969 Snoop Dogg performed at Quadmania in 2011 *Chicago Transit Authority (later Chicago) performed twice at UMBC in 1969

Read more at http://magazine.umbc.edu/umbc-magazine-fall-2015/histories-and-mysteries/music-performance/

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Cassie Kilroy T.

"Kanye was still an up-and-coming rapper who’d literally just rocketed to..." really?