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I have two degrees from UMBC. I transferred to UMBC in the fall of 1995 with 90 credits with the specific intention of continuing in the MA Historical Studies program. While taking BA courses as an Ancient Studies major, I completed a 6-week internship in archaeological fieldwork with the Anne Arundel County Office of Planning and Zoning- Cultural Resources Division at the colonial London Town site. Through the UMBC courses that focused on archaeology and the ancient mariners, fell in love with underwater archaeology and took SCUBA for PE credits. While an undergraduate, I was part of the McNair Scholars Program, which helped me prepare for graduate school. After graduation in 1996, I went to work for Anne Arundel County as an archaeologist at the same time I started coursework in the Historical Studies-MA program focusing my studies on US History and Public History. The program director and advisors at UMBC were flexible and allow me to pursue an independent study/internship with the State of Maryland - Maryland Historical Trust where I worked with the State Underwater Archaeologist on maritime archaeology and history projects. I completed my MA in 1999: my thesis was on the maritime history of London Town. After completing the MA, I decided I wanted to continue my academic study of maritime history and archaeology and went on to attend the University of St Andrews (Scotland, UK), School of History were I earned a PhD with a dissertation on the maritime history of the tobacco trade and the relationship between the Colony of Maryland and Scotland. I also completed coursework and a practicum to become a scientific diver/underwater archaeologist. Since completing the PhD in 2004, I have continued to work as a professional archaeologist for both the public and private sector. I starting teaching history (as an adjunct) at Prince Georges Community College in 2004, and for the University of Maryland University College in 2005, and the United States Naval Academy in 2011 where I currently teach World, US, and American Naval History. Since 2010, I have managed Kerns CRM Consultants, a cultural resources management services company helping clients meet local, state, and federal compliance regulations related to development and preservation planning. My time at UMBC allowed me explore and pursue my academic interest and prepared me for a rewarding career. That is my UMBC story.

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Richard B. '86

Thank you for sharing this story, Mechelle!