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At the Imaging Research Center (IRC), we eat lunch together often. Turns out we like to talk about dogs. Is it because of UMBC's mascot? Who knows. Doesn't matter. The point is, because I don't have a dog, I've felt left out of the heart of the conversation. My kids have always wanted a dog. I've always wanted a dog. My wife is allergic to all dogs. But something good has happened. My son has grown up, moved to Wisconsin, and gotten a dog. His name is Gordan and he's the coolest dog ever. I told everyone in the office about "Gordy." Now I can really participate in the dog chronicles of the IRC. Interesting what makes a workplace work. Thanks Gordy.

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Kevin C. '15

How could you every say no to that face!!!!

Benjamin N. '17

He's cute! :)

Julia C. '13

What a dog!!!!