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1966 was a year of firsts for UMBC. The university opened its doors and on its first day of classes, the campus consisted of three buildings: Gym I, Lecture Hall I and a portion of the present-day Biological Sciences building. UMBC had 45 faculty members, 35 support staff and 500 parking spaces.

Greeting the incoming students, Albin O. Kuhn said: “Each of you brings individual background, talents and education to our new campus. Collectively, you are a different student body from any previously assembled. In working with the faculty and staff of UMBC, make the most of this opportunity to help create a center of learning in which those who give their best in the laboratory and on the playing field develop a brilliance that is the mark of their efforts and the UMBC environment.”

Later that fall, UMBC played its very first intercollegiate game on November 4 — a spirited 4-1 loss by the men’s soccer squad to the University of Maryland, College Park.

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