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Without a doubt, as I've transitioned through several roles here, UMBC has shaped my life the past almost 9 years. As a student, I had a lot of experiences that introduced me to, and helped me to create, interesting art and meet awesome people (including roommates that I'm still incredibly close with and that were bridesmaids at my wedding!). I was even able to travel to Paris for a summer study abroad. & I feel so fortunate for the internship I began my senior year at Creative Services. When I graduated, I started my own photography business, which I still run and love doing, in order to also do freelance work for the university after college. And now this past year has marked my first as a full time staff member here, where I've continued to meet and now work with some really awesome people. This photo was from a unique and fun collaborative shoot for the Baltimore Dance Project's 2013 performance. We got to go on top of the roof of the new Performing Arts and Humanities building (in the cold!), to photograph dancers against this awesome and unusual background. I enjoy working with designers in my staff role, and really enjoyed being pushed creatively. UMBC to me has always been about the people, and I've been lucky to connect with some really great ones. One of my other favorite parts about continuing to work here, is the huge range of things I'm still getting to experience, probably even more so than when I was a student. It's rewarding to get to listen in on various classes or see performances on campus that continue to make me think, and to be around so many people that care about current issues and being compassionate. UMBC has been a place for me that has provided a lot of opportunities for me to think, to create, and to connect with people. I'm excited to see what comes next!

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Meredith P.

#Thanks for sharing your experience! It's amazing that you've gotten to do so many cool things, and I love, love, love your photos (especially this one)!