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I began UMBC in 1973 after earning 98 credits, I transferred and graduated elsewhere. However, UMBC is where I returned as a golden key student. I have now earned several Masters and Bachelors in other Universities, but I returned to UMBC this summer 2016 with the hope of completing my English degree- and take home my coveted UMBC Bachelor degree. I want to complete what I started- after all these years, that has been the one thing which I saved for last! I remember walking through the quad from Dorm 2 (now Susquehanna), smiling and feeling invincible. I challenged myself to be my best me while at UMBC and that proved to be a great character building asset!

I found love at UMBC. Married him and even sent one of my children here, she graduated in 97. I felt I received a very good education at UMBC. It was one of the first places I learned that hard work could pay off in positive ways.

I have lot of great memories here, going to the Rafskiller, working on the Retriever, in the theater as a stage manager for Dr. Liz ..... I owe UMBC for the experience of turning a person who knew they could into someone who others say "does know". The connections I made were not always easy, we had Black student sit-in and Dr. Chen couldn't leave his office for a day and a half but we were willing to move toward unification in the Black student union and help others realized what needed to improve to make the campus great for all cultures. I am proud to be a returning student here and soon a graduate. Perhaps the oldest graduate but I will be proud of that as well. AM Green

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Richard B. '86

Terrific story! Thanks!