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Does UMBC have secret underground tunnels? Why? —Bennett Moe ’88

Mention the word “tunnels” to many UMBC alums, and you’re bound to get a story. Often it’s a second- or third-hand tale. A friend of a friend, who may (or may not) have actually been there. Very often, shenanigans will be involved. Or conspiracy theories.

Yes, the tunnels do exist, and they are quite extensive. In fact, a system of utility passageways totaling 6,000 feet hums beneath the campus. As envisioned in the original blueprints for the UMBC campus, the service tunnels are in essence the central nervous system of the university. Large aluminum tubes encase all of the main utility lines, including hot and cold water, electrical, phone, and fiber optics, for easy maintenance access by facilities workers.

Read more at http://magazine.umbc.edu/umbc-magazine-fall-2015/histories-and-mysteries/tunnels/

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