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Oscar was a year ahead of me in the Public Policy program. We were in the same Government Budgeting class with Dr. Roy Meyers, and I wasn't feeling entirely comfortable with the concepts. But this guy who sat a few seats from me really seemed to know what he was doing (his stint in the Peace Corps included overseeing a broad-based community microfinance program), so I asked him for help with my homework. Unbeknownst to me, Oscar had had a crush on me since the beginning of the semester. We spent nearly 3 hours on the assignment - he was so helpful and attentive!

It took him until the end of the semester - when he thought he might never see me again - to ask me out. But after the third date, we both knew that this was something different. We were married in March, 2014. Our favorite bit of the story, though, was at the MPP graduation party when we went back to Dr. Meyers to share with him the love that had blossomed in his class. He smiled and then said, "You know, if I recall correctly, she got a better grade than you did."

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Richard B. '86

Stacie: This is such an awesome UMBC story. Thanks for sharing it!

Meredith P.

P.S. I've added your story to our Retriever Love collection on the home page.

Meredith P.

What a wonderful story! Thanks, Stacie, for sharing it, and congratulations to you and Oscar!