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In fall of 1969, I had the pleasure of meeting a person who would play an important role as my “Big Brother” at UMBC. Among other things, Ray Sullivan had been a member of the UMBC Baseball team, Chief Justice of the Peoples Court, and a Vice President in the SGA. In addition, he was a very intelligent and capable student who helped me to negotiate life and academics at UMBC. Very mature, never intrusive, he was a welcoming and encouraging person who genuinely shared in the ups and downs of a new student while offering a unique blend of challenge and support to assist me in being able to look at things through multiple perspectives. Thoughtful and even tempered, Ray seemed to have the wisdom of Aristotle, the patience of Job, the wit of Will Rogers, the honesty of Abraham Lincoln, and the unconditional positive regard of Carl Rogers. He was a tremendous source of knowledge about life and UMBC and supplied information that made it easier for me to make great decisions. We could engage in a deep discussion of political philosophy and a moment later break into song by singing various parts in The Temptations’ Can’t get next to you babe. Most importantly, Ray was a person of integrity who based his actions on strong values, great character, and a sound moral compass. Everyone should be as fortunate to have a great role model, teacher, advisor, and friend like Ray Sullivan.

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Mark J. '11

test comment.

Richard B. '86

Terrific story, thanks!

Julia C. '13

What a wonderful relationship to share with someone, and a wonderful story to share with us! Thank you, Jim!